her pendulous, milky white breasts felt incredible

considering the pummelling he’d bestowed upon them

like ink blot patterns on white papyrus,

yellow and blue stains peppered the landscape of her delicate flesh

proud to wear her rainbow~hued submissive badges

in exchange for sweet release


her head felt light and floaty

considering how hard he’d pulled handfuls of rich purple tresses

each yank, an electric shock running right down to her swelling cunt

pulling it so viciously, she feels the delicious stretch of her throat

making wide eyes dance and relinquishing a beg for more

as tears are so fucking sexy


her pussy felt engorged, but rich in deep pulsing feelings

considering the countless times he’d forced an orgasm from her

the power to take, the will to give, the mutual pleasuring

the gushing up to his elbow, whisperings of his approval in doing so

draining her of every drop of raw sexual fluid

a submissive, bathing in her glory…


Pea ~x~


Welcome to this week’s WickedWednesday. After seeing the non~compulsory prompt yesterday {that being the word; ‘Consider~ing’}, I honest to goodness thought I was going to have a tough time writing this. I shouldn’t have worried, it flowed right out of me once my laptop was open. I hope you enjoy. Click below for my WickedWednesdayness… but remember, it’s a long open window for submissions, so keep going back to look!

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