Welcome to my past week’s photography round up.. I realised after compiling this week’s collection that a lot of it is about growth. Not just organic life, but growth personally, as a woman. Don’t get me wrong, I still make mistakes. Par for the norm for me. Though in lots of ways, this has been a much better week.

1. Four images this week eminate from York, last Thursday I went to meet a very good friend of mine. York twice in two weeks, I’m a travelling girl dontchya know.. I couldn’t resist this beautiful rose gently adorned with rain drops.

2. Another from York. I defy anyone to walk past this sign and not chuckle. Anything that mentions ‘whip’ goes straight into my 365 :P and besides, what a brilliant name for a street!

3. Now, I have no clue what this is. Some sort of fungi/mould? But little pieces were peppered all over the woodland floor where I walk the pups. Above all what a brilliant colour.

4. Beautiful Bailey waiting to jump down over the wall to explore the greenery beyond. I can’t wait for snow to arrive. The pups are going to have a field day.

5. Whilst in York, my friend and I hit the finest breakfast eatery known as Filmore and Union. Primarily a health food eatery. This is soft boiled eggs, with side salad, creme fraiche & rye bread soldiers. It was lovely but far too sophisticated a palate for the likes of me.

6. This was growing on a wall I have to walk past on the way home after walking my pups. Now, I could be wrong but it looks like a sunflower seed. I just thought it beautiful. Windswept and surviving.

7. York has a history of Cats on Buildings. They make you explore the city in ways you may not imagine. This cat caught our eye as it’s the one of the few with a companion. A rather unfortunate pigeon. Google the history and learn a little more.

I hope you’ve had a good week.. I look forward to sharing with you next week..

Pea x