My Week in Pictures


Hello and welcome to my third week in pictures for my #365project. This week has been quite an emotional one, my daughter needing her mum more than ever, friendships tested because of troublemakers & affairs of the heart taken to breaking point. Just another week in the life of Pea.

1. My first sky of 2014. Now I realise it’s taken nearly three weeks, but.. Marsden. The village that is plonked right in the middle of a valley with its own micro climate, not unlike the Lake District. Usual status: rain. This morning, however, was stonkingly good.

2. This beauty was outside a lovely veg shop in the village. My little boy was mesmerised by it. The owner did come out while we were admiring it and I asked a few questions. Now I’m afraid I can’t remember the name. So if anyone does know, it’ll be lovely to jog my memory. I think I remember the chap saying they were built for the Germans in the war?

3. Illumination. This just really caught my eye walking in Marsden one morning, that point where it’s light enough to see, but the timings are now out on the street lamps. The strangest thing was as I took a couple of images that morning, in my eyepiece, the bulb would flicker like a candle. Surreal.

4. Now, for me, for trippage off the tongue, it would be ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ but this way is how it hangs in a favourite café of mine, known as Crumbals on the Corner, in the heart of the village. Now, it’s only my favourite because if I sit by the window, I can pick up the free wifi from the restaurant next door. But, shhhhhhh…..

5. For me, there’s nothing better than a beautifully shaped tree. My good friend and I seem to have made this terribly good habit of going for lunch once a week now. Twice we’ve left the eatery and it’s been pouring. But this week we left and it was gloriously sunny. This tree opposite was basking. And what a beautiful specimen it is.

6. It always amazes me how beautiful nature is. On one of my dog walks this week this sat on the original brickwall that runs the length of my walk until we reach the bottom of the spillway. It had spiralled itself. It’s the little things that make me happea.

7. And finally.. the finale! Fungus. And what a beauty. In fact this was one of many that ran the length of a dying tree not far from my house. In fact the tree is in the grounds of the mill I have mentioned before. Some buildings in the less dilapidated parts, house offices. So, I strode through the gate, confident as, walked through some undergrowth, and started snapping away. I came out proud as punch if not feeling a little naughty.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s picture journey. Until next week….

Pea x