My Week in Pictures

Welcome to my second week for my #365 project, in pictures. I’ve had quite the busy week with two meals out, meeting friends, health appointments with positive outcomes etc. I decided to spare you the image of the first meal out I had with my friend, as it was a Toby’s carvery, and although delicious, the plate FULL of food just wasn’t refined enough ;-)

1. I live pretty much to the right of this image, it’s a mill that actually only came out production a few years ago in comparison to others in the area. I think I’m right in the knowledge that it’s called Bank Bottom Mill and it’s owned by a local family that owns a LOT of property in the area. The Crowthers.  I was walking home one day this week and the sun was shining through the window, framed perfectly. I think it looks beautifully eerie.

2. Just yesterday I travelled to York to meet two wonderful people I’ve known on Twitter for quite some time. It was a truly wonderful day. They spoilt me however, with alcoholic coffee, delicious cake and this gorgeous lamb pie meal. We sat in a pub I’d been in a couple of times, known as The Hole in the Wall, with the special man in my life. We sat near the fire and giggled til dark and hometime for me.

3. I caught the train out of Marsden yesterday and I realised the wall behind the station sign was beautifully aged with algae, moss and wear from the water constantly trickling out of the rocks.

4. Wow. I couldn’t believe it when I saw blossom not far from my house this week. I’m not up on blossoming times versus times of year, but this seemed early? Besides that, it is truly beautiful.

5. On my dog walks, I’ve learnt where to keep my eyes open for such fungi treasures, including, half way up trees etc. And I am not ashamed to say my heart skips a beat or two when I do spot something. This was a beauty. I also took images of the underside. I’ll be hunting in my Fungi book that I was so amazingly gifted by a lovely friend on Twitter, to ascertain what it is.

6. The River Colne runs right through the village heart of Marsden, I couldn’t help but come to look over this week because the sheer cacophony of the water rush falling was amazing, let alone the sight itself. I do love living here.

7. And finally, just before I left for my trip to York, yesterday, the heavens opened and down poured a LOT of slushy snow. All I could think was, I have no darn umbrella. By the time I’d left home and gotten on the train, the sun was warming my face. So on a cold, windy but sunny January afternoon, York Minster basked in all its glory.

I do hope you enjoyed my week in pictures. Again, as the queen of editing, none of these images are edited, they are just taken as well as I possibly can with the knowledge I have of cameras. Ah.. and on that note, I’ll be attending my first camera club session in the village next week, hurrah!

Until next Sunday.. have a good week..