Candy Apple Red


I catch myself in Selfridge’s shop window

wow, I’m a vision of candy apple red,

new paint, new lease of life, her matching stiletto

pushes on my accelerator, all I see, the road ahead 


Now I know I’m the same old faithful underneath

but, red, I feel I have a little more va va voom

she’s going to take me out and up over the heath,

and while they’re busy fucking, I’ll glisten seductively under the moon


Raindrops are globules falling gently on my lacquer, light as a signet’s feather

as I’m taking them home safely, purring like a cat all of the way

sighing, she pulls up onto the drive and her pretty wet cunt slides off my leather

and I know my spanking brand new colour is here to stay.


Thank you, for coming to read my Wicked Wednesday this week, I enjoyed writing it immensely.This week’s non~compulsory prompt is Write from the viewpoint of a freshly painted car. Click on the icon below, to participate or simply read other’s Wednesday Wickedness.




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