I Love Socks!


So, when KOTW scrolled up in my Twitter timeline last night, I admit my eyes lit up with enthusiasm. I love socks. There, I said it. But, I more than love them, they have featured heavily in my sensual photography over the last 18 months. My socks collection has grown, as most people’s do, but this isn’t a sock collection to wear in my wellies, or my favourite winter boots. These are socks to wear purely in the bedroom. That might seem an odd statement to some. But, simply, socks make me feel sexy. Sexy, cute, alluring, irresistible and moreover, they add to my sexual confidence. I don’t have to wear socks all the time, in fact, oddly, I can’t remember a sexy time whereby my socks have stayed on [I’d like that to change] but, for making sexy, cute, hot mama or my [inner] little girl images, they are right up there on my requirements. I think my favourite colour of socks have to be purple and pink. It doesn’t surprise me to know there are many people out there that share my love, and for some, the love goes even deeper. I’d love to know how other people feel about socks. How do you wear yours?