Welcome to my first encapsulating week for the 365 Project. As I’m busy with school runs & personal struggles, I decided I’d more than likely succeed at this project if I took my week of images and huggled them all together to post on one specific day. Sundays.

I’m going to endeavour never to edit my images, save for a few choice placed words, perhaps. Also, this project is definitely not going to be erotic, Sinful Sunday’s are for that ^.^

Each week I’ll run through what each group means to me..

1. Self explanatory; Happea New Year! {And indeed, not an image}

2. A special person bought me lovehearts for Christmas. I couldn’t help playing with them. I confess, however, that when my son ate the only one that said ‘Wicked’ I wailed as it disappeared & all I could think of was WICKED Wednesday!

3. A Lindt Carrot. Delicious & the last chocolate I have eaten for 2014. And you know what they say about Peas & Carrots..

4. I’ve been extremely sad this week, my pups know when I am. Bailey, came and claimed me, licked my hand & kept his paw there for an age. I cherish my pups.

5. The last sky of 2013 that I took.

6. More lovehearts, but these are words I will whisper to a special person when I see them.

I hope you’ll come back, week after week & enjoy my offerings. There are so many out there doing a 365 Project this year, go find them!

I hope this proves to be the best year for some, and a continuation of happiness for others..


Pea ~x~