Collar & Lead


8am he pads out of the shower

a wave of swirling steam follows him

waterbeads trembling on his shoulders

his fresh scent permeating the air


he’s chunky, tall & powerful

she cannot see him but she can hear him

hidden deep pink petals throb a little

he spies her plump bruised bottom


she wonders, will he?

will he take her before he leaves?

will he use her for his pleasure?

will he make her beg?


she wasn’t touched

her head drops a little

busying himself, dressing,

she presses herself down into the bed


he places her pretty red collar on the pillow

whispers, “when I come home you’ll be wearing this”

he bites her shoulder, hard

& when I attach your lead, you will follow me..”


collar & lead


Pea ~x~


Thankyou for reading my submission for this week’s Wicked Wednesday. I do hope you liked it. This is the prompt for this week.

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