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Sinful Sunday

As the world goes by…



Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday… & I’m more than a handful, in many ways…


Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday/Black & White






Which would you choose?

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I think I’ll state my reasons in a later post…but, it would be lovely to read what you prefer and why.. :)

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Sinful Sunday

RIP. Discovery & Perception.


a trigger warning on books they say, how perfectly absurd!

the lines of anticipation and undeniable facts, well and truly blurred

how sad the need to feel we have to be pre-warned

the loss of our right to discovery and perception dutifully be-mourned


Pea ~x~


Short and sweet this week for my WickedWednesday. This week’s non-compulsory prompt is ‘Trigger Warnings’. I thought long and hard on whether to write a longer piece, but in all honesty, the more I read it, I felt I’d summed up all that trigger warnings on literature felt to me. There are some truly wonderful pieces regarding this subject on the WickedWednesday page. Just click the icon below & Happy Hump Day!
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A Good Girl’s Guide


A good girl’s guide is one of those books

you smile and take slowly whilst being given funny looks

squinting through milk bottle bottoms, the librarian stamps then stutters over

all her senses bombarded not least by sweet clover


A good girl’s guide has been read many times

held tightly under the duvet as come midnight chimes

a book far richer in lessons of etiquette and heady imagery

to teach you the ways of how to please daddy, willingly








A good girl’s guide has many pencilled notes in the margin

one good girl writing, ‘frolicked naked, down in the garden’

it teaches you how to fishtail your plaits and on making him wait

and how to get away with that knickerless date


A good girl’s guide tries to prepare you for many an eventuality

like being tied to a tree and having him thrive on your sensuality

but in reality it’s a supercharged collection of stories

of submissives who give themselves thoroughly, uniting in their glories..


Pea ~x~







Sinful Sunday


Be Prepared, A Good Girl’s Guide…





Click the image for a little eventuality…


Always, be prepared… for every eventuality

Be Sinful



Sinful Sunday


her pendulous, milky white breasts felt incredible

considering the pummelling he’d bestowed upon them

like ink blot patterns on white papyrus,

yellow and blue stains peppered the landscape of her delicate flesh

proud to wear her rainbow~hued submissive badges

in exchange for sweet release


her head felt light and floaty

considering how hard he’d pulled handfuls of rich purple tresses

each yank, an electric shock running right down to her swelling cunt

pulling it so viciously, she feels the delicious stretch of her throat

making wide eyes dance and relinquishing a beg for more

as tears are so fucking sexy


her pussy felt engorged, but rich in deep pulsing feelings

considering the countless times he’d forced an orgasm from her

the power to take, the will to give, the mutual pleasuring

the gushing up to his elbow, whisperings of his approval in doing so

draining her of every drop of raw sexual fluid

a submissive, bathing in her glory…


Pea ~x~


Welcome to this week’s WickedWednesday. After seeing the non~compulsory prompt yesterday {that being the word; ‘Consider~ing’}, I honest to goodness thought I was going to have a tough time writing this. I shouldn’t have worried, it flowed right out of me once my laptop was open. I hope you enjoy. Click below for my WickedWednesdayness… but remember, it’s a long open window for submissions, so keep going back to look!

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Always Eat Your Peas

A SinfulSunday Posting



Click on the image for a special treat… ^.^


Welcome to my Sinful Sunday offering! Today I was TOTALLY inspired by Molly’sDailyKiss & Rebel’sNotes’ Sinful Sunday images. It got me thinking immediately. One part homage to my now defunct Always Eat Your Peas Twitter Account, and two parts from these wonderful ladies. Go see their brilliant images for today. You won’t be disappointed.


For almost five years now, the name Pea, has been synonymous with me. I’ve had variations of it. Played on the theme. And today my peas are in their natural environment, their green pods! And if you click on the image, you’ll see a little popping of a pea..



Pea ~x~


Sinful Sunday

My Best Friend’s Boobs

wpid-WP4Phone_20140516091205.jpgMy Best Friend’s Boobs

my best friend’s boobs
are a very rare sight
today the layers discarded
and shoved into the light

milky white globes
stuffed into the dark
barely able to breathe
and as rare as the ark

my best friends boobs
are really quite something
nearly 32 years old, bursting
freed like a well oiled spring

today she’s working
and I’m imagining the scene
mouths open wide
and thoughts, well, obscene!

tomorrow they’ll be shoved
back into the dark
as sad as a gagged songbird
like stifling the lark

but i know the treasures
that lie beneath
to those beautiful boobs
my ode i bequeath.

Dedicated to my best friend, Mrs Lovely xo


Full Circle..



falling hard, not unlike the first acorn to rebelliously break free

gravity inevitably lends a fierce forced hand

under intense inspection the ripples of its connection with earth

  a miniature dynamite blast site


love, it blooms, flush, full and spring~like

though there are undeniable casualties of hunger wars

winged thieves stealing the happiest of frost~dodging berries

the saddest squirrel, forgetting where his nuts are buried


the discoveries, mutual and of self, combined

new paths, deviously twisted roads, building and stumbling blocks

but ultimately, reading from the same map, the right way up

keeping a torch to hand, for the darkness


the squabbles, the power struggles, the fears, the what ifs

the tears, the talks, the silences

the hurt, the make~ups, the giggles, the cuddles

the kissing, the fuckings, the new beginnings


ah, new beginnings, that turn into endings

the last breath of an urban one~footed pigeon

you know they are there, but rarely are they seen

painful, like a centimetre~sized hailstone in Summer


the pea hen, ruffling out her bruised tail feathers

as pretty as she can be, in the pursuance of new peacocks

upon realising it rains a considerable amount of frogs

trudges back to her hideaway to keep her nest in check


the head, telling the heart, it knows a thing or two

the heart, telling the head, you couldn’t live without me

and so, we come full circle, and despite everything,

I love him, with every tick of mine


I am that acorn, aged, but still, I fell, and never stopped falling..


Since forever I haven’t felt the need to write, today, it just so happens that I did. There are meanings in this that some may not even understand. But, if I’ve learnt one thing, it’s write for yourself, and if others enjoy it, then there we have a big plus. This is  a Wicked Wednesday post, to find more, hit that icon below & if you feel like joining in, don’t hesitate! This week’s prompt is Full Circle, if anyone reading this knows me, I always use the non~compulsory prompt. This week also sees the 100th prompt! Rebel has really made this into a wonderful meme, please do consider contributing, I know it means a lot to this beautiful lady.






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